Rammed Earth Walls

The Beauty of Rammed Earth Walls with Chamfered Vertical Cold Joints

Secrets of the Mix

Key Ingredients in the Rammed Earth Mix for Workshop Thailand -- 17% Gravel, 50% Earth, 22% Sand, and 11% Portland Cement

Cement Bond Beams

Rammed Earth Walls Capped with Reinforced Cement Bond Beams for Strength and Moisture Protection

Cold Joints

A cold joint occurs when a dry lift has to bond with a new, fresh lift. Walls shrink overnight as they dry, thereby creating a slight gap in the form. This leaves a small but visible line.


List Your Rammed Earth Project

If you have a rammed earth project underway or in the planning stages, send us some pics and an explanation and we will list it here on stabilizedearth.org. Share your building adventure with others!