Q: What is “Stabilized Earth”?

“Stabilized Earth” (SE) or “Stabilized Rammed Earth” (SRE) is compressed or rammed earth, in block or monolithic form, that has been strengthened with rebar and/or additives, such as Portland cement, lime, asphalt emulsion, waterproofing agents, sodium silicate (liquid glass), manure, earth fibers (e.g., straw or hemp), and other inorganic or organic compounds. The purpose of adding stabilizers is to approach or surpass the strength of poured concrete while at the same time adopting more “green” processes and ingredients. The raw “earth” materials of stabilized earth include gravel (usually 3/4 inch or 3/8 inch), sand, chalk, clay, silt, local soil, coloring oxides such as iron, and other natural ingredients, such as crushed limestone. The development of stabilized earth block and walls is both half science and half art.

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